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Many homes on waterfront properties often find themselves in need of replacing their seawall. If unattended to, your seawall can easily erode, lean, or even sink. If you wait too long, you can easily find yourself with thousands of dollars in just  rubble clean up.

Contact K.E. Braza Construction today to ensure that your seawall is safe and up to code. We have trained professionals with years of experience who can make sure your waterfront property is safe.

Our company specializes in Seawall repairs, riverbank stabilizing, and erosion control.  If you need professional advice on how to protect your property we can help.  We have access to engineers to make sure your plans will pass inspection.

We are able to assist you with getting the correct permits required by the local government to help you get the work started in a timely manner.  We even can help shore up banks along ponds and lakes.  There is no job too big or to small for us to assist with.

Is it possible to Repair your Sea Wall yourself?

It might be possible, but it usually involves the use of heavy machinery and excavation.  Not many homeowners have access to this kind of equipment so many times contacting a professional Seawall Repair  Company is the best option.  

We Service Seawalls in the great state of Connecticut.  

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With the hurricane seasons of the future and past, make sure that your property is safe and secure. Your home and future is too important to let it be washed away.

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